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Beautiful food stories.

Whether you're a small artisan producer, an established or start up food business, restauranteur, bar or cafe owner, PR or Creative agency, beautiful food photography is essential to building great food brands.


With the rise of visually-driven commerce, quality photography is not just a nice addition, it's pivotal for success, and is a tangible investment in your brand to entice consumers to purchase your product, visit your venue and share your story.


We will work with you to customise your shoot to deliver evocative food stories that convey a sense of place and your style. Working both on location or in our photography studio at GGHQ, with access to professional food stylists and props, we can provide delicious imagery for use across web, social, editorial, print and more.

Lindsey and her team are available to shoot all over Australia and abroad.


Food stylists bring an array of techniques specifically tailored to produce quality photography - aiding in the capture of your brands core values within the imagery, and further instilling a consistent and evocative story across your visual library. Styling techniques and a deep knowledge of how props, drinks and food will translate on camera will instil a greater level of quality and a competitive edge to your imagery.

Having a stylist on set will also increase the output of your shoot - beautifully styled set ups (and multiple set ups) can be curated faster during and between shots allowing for more images to be captured in the same timeframe.


From sumptuous linens and tableware to cutlery, stoneware and gleaming glassware - we can provide and source props that compliment your brand and give your images a unique edge.

What does it cost?

Every shoot is as unique as the product it showcases and the story it tells and as such how much a photoshoot will cost is dependant on many factors including location, food styling needs, props, number of images required, complexity of shots and time required to execute and post produce. Get in touch and I'll provide you with a full shoot overview and cost estimate.

What to expect.


I will work with you either face to face or over the phone to clarify your needs and objectives to construct your creative brief before providing you with a full shoot proposal. The proposal will outline our recommendations for your shoot, including a cost estimate for your approval. Once approved, via a signed estimate, the pre-shoot planning process begins.


During the pre-shoot planning phase, I work with my stylists to design the look and feel for your shoot, review your venue location, or if required secure appropriate kitchen studios either at GGHQ or at a suitable white space studio. We then source props and backgrounds, devise a full ingredients shopping list if required, and develop a comprehensive shot list for execution on shoot day. Our stylists will also ensure only the best quality ingredients are chosen so they look their best on camera.


If we’re shooting in studio we aim to ‘bump in’ as early as possible to ensure we make the most of the natural light of the day. If in your venue, I will arrange the best time to ensure as little disruption to your business day and staff as possible. 


Once your images are shot, they go through a post production process. This ensures that only the best shots are selected, and then enhanced through powerful editing tools ensuring that texture, light and colour details are of the highest quality. Images can be supplied to your specific size/crop requirements for use in print, packaging, web or social media.


Images will be supplied digitally via Shootproof (usually within 7 working days)- here you can access your photos from any device, download your images or share your gallery links with PR companies, printers, colleagues or clients for their use. Access permissions can be set so you decide on who can see your library.


See Lindsey's recent work, bringing food to life on camera. 


With a wide range of food photography backgrounds we can bring your brand story to life!


Want to know more about our headquarters and studio?


Find out how we could bring your brand to life and request a quote.


The wellbeing of our clients and staff is paramount. Find out more about our Covid Safety Plan.

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